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Starbreeze buys the rights of Payday, removed the micropayments and announces a third party

Starbreeze has announced the purchase of the rights of the series Payday. The study has bought mark to 505 Games $ 30 million; Incidentally, the treatment has also unveiled a future third on 505 Games does have any right.

As he has been explained, 505 will be 33% of the benefits of the game, up to $ 40 million and from Starbreeze recovered the costs of development and promotion; starting from there, Starbreeze takes the rest. An unusual way to announce a third party: talking about how, are to be distributed to the skin of a bear that still do not have hunted, because it does not yet exist.

505 Games and Starbreeze will split the benefits of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, version for consoles of the second part, but which generate the Payday 2 PC will be full to study Swedish, owner a few years of Overkill Software, creators of Payday. The idea is that Overkill will continue updating and adding new features to its popular game for 18 months more, until the end of 2017.

There is more. All these developments come at a time than the 100 Payday 2 update, which adds some new features and eliminates micropayments. At the end of last year, Overkill added to its black market, a controversial system of micropayments game (the game encouraged to buy a felling virtual cash to open a few boxes with random content; more or less) which led to the study to recognize that players have been angry with us, means written en masse about us and our volunteer moderators have been on strike. All the suffering caused in the last few weeks, take me my time and say that we’re sorry I would like to only».

In the video in which celebrate the 100 (up these paragraphs), Almir ready, upgrade the game producer, takes to announce with joy that ‘we will release the black market». Basically, refers to that everything will work as until now, more or less, but without that there is the possibility of investing real money. Items that come out of the boxes will have, as usual, various rarities, levels, and others; «the only difference», says ready, “is that you open them free”.

«Which give up the ass that fucking shit hole», tops, citing Chains, one of the characters in the game.

Perhaps because I am not exactly in favour of introducing this element of chance linked to real money (a direct connection and clear with slots, surely the direction in which I least like that video games remen), but see sincere joy in the producer when it announces the end of micropayments. The relationship between this system and the previous deal with 505 Games is not entirely clear, but it is also significant that micropayments are withdrawn just as the conditions of the relationship have changed.

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