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Stationeers is the new Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ

Stationeers es lo nuevo de Dean Hall, el creador de DayZ

The credit earned by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall with DayZ, one of the most important mods of history, expected that after ceding the shebang to Bohemia to the stand-alone version, New Zealand enthusiast embarking is a largest and most ambitious project now that you have the means and some experience.

By contrast, Dean seems a very faithful to their own tastes type and has just revealed the EGX Rezzed in London that their next game is the heir to spiritual game of cult like Space Station 13, an isometric RPG multiplayer in 2003 that only four locos knew and in the last two years has been communities 4Chan , Reddit or Something Awful who revitalize it with some success.

The new Hall will be entitled Stationeers, and this is the description that has been dropped himself into the English Eurogamer:

Inspired by the beloved Space Station 13, Stationeers gives you the control of the construction and management of a space station both for you in mode only for a player, as online with your friends. Complex systems related to the atmosphere, the generation of energy, agriculture, food, and gravity that require your judgment and your ability to management at all times.

Stationeers – screenshots

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Despite the announcement, the theory of Rocket Hall involved in further development still stands anyway by an important detail: he says that Stationeers is working a team of six people, but the Studio founded by leaving Bohemia in autumn of 2014, RocketWerkz, count with about forty employees which would be mostly working on a much larger multiplayer project.

This another more ambitious project does not know anything yet. Dean spoke of him in September of last year, making sure to separate it from other great development, Ion, the game of space engineers who was announced at E3 in 2015 and that less than a month ago was cancelled unofficially from the study that RocketWerkz was working, Improbable.

Stationeers will debut soon in the Steam Early Access program, with a price still to be determined, but it remains to be seen if Rocket Hall is able to swallow everything that is chewing face to their other projects.

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