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STRAFE will finally be released on 9 may

Said a couple of months ago that he would leave at the end of March, but even STRAFE, so retro it, get rid of the small retrasillo of last minute: 9 will be available for PS4 and PC.

Aware that few things tire us than excuses to justify changes in date, Pixel Titans and return Digital have returned to the detail of at least take it to joke. If they won’t comply with the planned launch, they say in the press release, it is «an unforeseen shortage of polygons»:

STRAFE requires some polygons 150,000 meticulously placed to create cutting-edge graphics. By a series of legal troubles and clerical errors, almost 25,000 of those polygons arrived late to the world headquarters of Pixel Titans, thus delaying the game a few weeks.

The trailer above, which is the same as the last time – now deleted – with the day and month that plays has less have currado.

Makes already a couple of years that found STRAFE, with that fabulous video to promote its campaign of Kickstarter and its promise of return us to 1996. I remember absolutely nothing about what happened that year, but was relatively little it came out Dreamcast. Enough.

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