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Streaming night: Vanquish

Update: Already the video processing and ready.

Apologies by them pulls in the part end: the program with which did the streaming began to backfire because Vanquish is, effectively, more next-gen that the next-gen. Too much for today’s computers.

You are playing, the truth is that Yes, take another little live game. And will not be any one: makes a lot of time, years, I want to do a streaming of Vanquish. The excuse of the anniversary – the game was published in Europe from October 22, 2010 – always comes in handy.

It will be from 19:30 h to 22 h, if all goes well, on our YouTube channel. The objective, safe thousand times I have spoken of this, will be completing the famous, gorgeous and really fucking challenge 6. I do not put a video to avoid spoilers and because there are people who make it look easy. It is not.

About the game

is, according to the encyclopedia of life, the best shooter in the third person ever created. Developed by Platinum Games, directed by Shinji Mikami and edited by SEGA, the game makes módena with the intensity and speed of the shootings; You can slide down the soil to whole milk if you hurry and slow down time when you need to target more calmly. You can also paste very thin wafers and smoke a cigarette after the coverage. Seriously, it is rather exaggerated. A thing of the future in every way.

In addition to the campaign, the game has a mode challenges with half a dozen quite complicated challenges, those that are releasing waves of enemies – robots of thousand shapes and colors, in this case.

About the player

I played much to Vanquish at the time, of course. Only with the 6 challenge I’ve pulled more hours than I like to recognize. So I tried a lot of times six years ago and since then I’ve been repeating it, more calmly, every time. Have arrived several times to it part end, to the last surge with them two sons of fucking (so you it say: CHILDREN OF FUCKING) flying, but not there is way. My balls game short.

My intention was to dedicate great part of this past week to practice to get in shape as of this evening, but in the end have not been able to train a minute. I hope that it’s turbo – propelled out there is as of cycling.

Noche de streaming: Vanquish

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