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Horizon Zero Dawn has sold more than 2.6 million copies


Two weeks is what guerilla has needed to place more than 2.6 million copies of its new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn. Unlike other occasions, Sony reflected that these numbers are not distributed units and final consumers.A success that evokes the release of The Last of Us at the time. The …

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Horizon: Zero Dawn, so the latest patch, 288 MB, polishing the game


Guerrilla turns to put the batteries. After publication, a few days ago, Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated games in the industry, the users have discovered some important failure endangering the playability of the project. Development team, without hesitation, has released an Update that could define emergency, and …

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Trailer of release and time-lapse for Horizon Zero Dawn


After five years of development, the new IP of Guerrilla Games will be available in PS4 as of March 1. A game that has had a magnificent reception between criticism and although it is not a 100% accurate scale, everything seems to indicate that it will be worth your purchase.Shopping …

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New trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, out March 1, 2017


Today was a very productive day in ads and games Filtrations. Note that E3 falls near and the information is on the rise. Expect more news flow in the coming days, some other filtering and rumors. Now Horizon.Horizon Zero Dawn, the exclusive PS4 produced by Guerrilla Games (Killzone), will go …

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