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Horizon: Zero Dawn, so the latest patch, 288 MB, polishing the game

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla turns to put the batteries. After publication, a few days ago, Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated games in the industry, the users have discovered some important failure endangering the playability of the project. Development team, without hesitation, has released an Update that could define emergency, and polishing the different aspects of the title were failing.

From makes some hours is can find a patch of Horizon: Zero Dawn, with a weight of 228 MB, that although not implements great features that perfects the result shown. And is that Horizon: Zero Dawn is improved in terms of stability and performance, preventing some serious errors that even caused that we could not access the game. Even the version 1.03 fixes problems that were given during the progress of the own adventure. You can already get your hands to a more perfect experience.

As is can see in the history of changes, the patch fixes “problems in the multiplayer and in the progress“, improving the experience in general. In addition, should add that optimizations in the movement of the camera and the POV added. The camera also has seen how added the motion system blue, which refines the results and prevents the emergence of new problems.

Users already warned that, during the progress of the Horizon adventure: Zero Dawn, could see a bug which prevented that we could move in a convenient way. This error has been fixed, so you can rest assured.

In the event that have Horizon: Zero Dawn not you worry, the update is downloaded the next time that start the game. In fact, we recommend the installation must be carried out as soon as possible in order to avoid problems which may give to the fret with the own adventure.

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