Wednesday , September 27 2023
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Overwatch: get the exclusive official D.Va skin


Blizzard has started a new cross promotions between games. On this occasion the protagonists become again Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm and reward for participating in this particular event is an exclusive for D.Va skin. But this is not all, since there are other small gifts for participating in …

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Genji and Hanamura become Heroes of the Storm


In the absence of a few days to get the 2.0 update to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard reveals to what will be the new character introduced in this MOBA. It is the Cyber ninja Genji, brought directly from the Overwatch universe and becomes thus the fourth hero of this …

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Overwatch rebellion: its new and refined PvE mode


Overwatch has premiered a new way PvE where once again will have to deal with hordes of omnicos. It’s a more refined way on which we play on Halloween of last year, that we should only resist successive waves of increasing difficulty. On this occasion, Blizzard offers a format more …

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Overwatch we invited to capture the flag in his new event


Overwatch releases a new temporary event on the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese new year. A unique opportunity to unlock thematic appearances and enjoy an alternative mode of play: capture the flag or better said “capture the cock”. From January 24 to February 13 will be available this …

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Overwatch introduces a new map: Oasis

It was not among our GOTY, but it is undeniable that Overwatch has been one of the most influential titles of the year and I think that the most important thing if we only talk about multiplayer games. I just it I tried a couple of times, but is very …

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The Rio Olympics reach Overwatch


The Rio Olympics come to Overwatch in what can be defined as the first thematic event for this title, the summer games. During the next few weeks, the Olympic spirit will be present at this shooter of Blizzard and we can achieve different aesthetic rewards inspired by this sports competition. …

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Blizzard starts to ban to Overwatch cheats


With the launch of Overwatch, Blizzard has had to put the batteries in the field of maintenance. Above all by the fact that there are cheats players who are performing operations not permitted. Of course, the company has been hands to work with the theme of the bans, expelling all …

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