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Overwatch introduces a new map: Oasis

It was not among our GOTY, but it is undeniable that Overwatch has been one of the most influential titles of the year and I think that the most important thing if we only talk about multiplayer games. I just it I tried a couple of times, but is very easy see where are their virtues and understand its success.

An important part of that success has to do with keeping the community happy and entertained. Nothing better to get it that offer new content each certain time, as this new map, Oasis, that already announced makes a couple of months in the last BlizzCon.

The new map has come accompanied by a trailer for presentation where we see what this city technologically advanced in the middle of the desert. By the way, which floats in the city of the video is sand and no, has nothing to do with the Gallagher brothers.

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