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Analysis I, Shepard


Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of the sagas of RPG having greatest impact in the industry in recent years. The reception by the public has been overwhelming and very soon will come a new episode but already out of the trilogy of Shepard, leading to the saga to new unexplored …

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Heroes role and Dayo discusses “the game through David Cage”


The Publisher role Heroes continues with its line of releases that seek to analyze the videogame world perspectives different from the usual. On this occasion the Publisher presents “the game through David Cage” a story that analyzes the work of this author through the point of view of the youtuber …

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Paper heroes presents the comic about the history of tetris


The editorial role of Heroes continues with its efforts to edit various works on the world of video games. Their next big release is “Tetris, the game that everyone is talking about” a comic that while it moves away from the format used by this publishing label, shares its themes …

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