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The creators of That Dragon, Cancer published Untethered, an “extravagant mystery” for virtual reality

Numinous Games has published its new game, Untethered, a ‘ extravagant mystery» exclusive to Daydream View, the gossip of reality virtual of Google. Above is the trailer’s release.

The creators of the homewrecker That Dragon, Cancer change third this episodic story with a tone definitely brighter than of the autobiographical play about the tragic illness of his son. In this first chapter we put in the skin of a broadcaster of radio that receives mysterious calls from listeners; to occur calls, it is clear that something rather rare, some kind of mysterious «atmospheric phenomenon», is happening in the village.

It paranormal is mixing with them chores more immediate of the click, that has that put discs and respond to the orders of the director of study. In these interactions are some of the ideas more interesting of Untethered: the stage, limited to the cabin from which work, is full of things that catch and use, but also the game collects with the microphone our voice, that must use for, in end, locutionary. The space marines kill aliens; the speakers locutan.

Its creators compared the sensation seeking with this new game with “living inside a radio soap opera, talk to his invisible characters and interact with the environment that drew the story in your mind”. Sounds very interesting, especially by how uses the voice (of time are recommended speak English with fluency) as a tool more; equal is that I like much the of camp Holy, but me gives also some vibration to Firewatch.

Part of the mystery is in know towards where has her own series. Although this first episode is decorated in a luck of Studio of radio, “with each episode», say its creators, is may explore «new locations and know to new characters» as «desentrañas the mystery» of the game.

You can get in Google Play by 5.99€.

If someone not is aware, that Daydream View of which spoke to the principle is something as well as the evolution of the

Google Cardboard, the famous glasses of cardboard that, combined with an a phone mobile, serve of door of access of low cost to the reality virtual. This new version is more advanced, includes a remote control by movement and is designed with the mobile Pixel, also of Google, in mind, although others as the Moto Z also are compatible.

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