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The documentary by Noclip on The Witness must be seen

The last Noclip, the great project of documentaries for YouTube’s Danny O’Dwyer, is dedicated to The Witness and its creator, Jonathan Blow, and you have to see it; It’s important. You have it on these lines.

The documentary talks about the process of creation of The Witness but also about the first steps of Blow in the world of programming; at home first, and then at the University, which he left to start working in the videogame industry. It is interesting all what counts on the scope of your code, which is located in a handful of known and cancelled games: from Munch’s Oddysee completo up to Flow or several demos that they tried to demonstrate, years ago, the benefits of doing some calculations on a server, not very different to that power of the cloud that was trendy not long ago.

If you have not played The Witness perhaps worthwhile, as advised at the beginning of the documentary, spend some time before you see the video, because the part that speaks of its development is fascinating. The way in which Blow speaks of how he and his team wanted to explore all the possibilities of the main idea is great; I like what he says in that if someone should, once the game is put on sale, and propose a type of puzzle which, was not in the game as a designer, would feel that he had done his work well. This comprehensiveness is one of the most obvious virtues of The Witness, and is nice check that Blow had it in mind (is also one of the reasons that took both to make the game, recognize).

In general, everything that counts on the Organization of the puzzles (which he described as everything that you can do in the game and which depends on prior knowledge that you have acquired, or is not, recognized explicitly or not) and the General ambitions of the game find it me fascinating: one of the reasons why I think it is interesting to see this video (rather than others of Noclip (, even though they have been published so far are very good) is by the fact that it is not always possible to see Jonathan Blow as open and communicative, or is not always possible to see it in a way so clear and well presented.

Currently, the only video is available with subtitles into English, although he understands without too much problem.

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