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The fifth episode of Hitman opens with this trailer

Since already itself is available for download the new episode of Hitman. The fifth, which takes place somewhere in Colorado, United States, and according to the screenwriter Michael Vogt is “the point where all the events in previous episodes begin to make sense”.

I have a lot curiosity by know what such it has operated to Square Enix this bet by the structure episodic. That Hitman is a good game is something in what seems to be of agreement more or less all the world-by here liked more the design that the model of distribution-, but know that not am the only that is waiting for the Edition physical complete that is published the 31 of January of 2017. “We hope that the players not much gutted the story of the game,” says the same Vogt in the press release, perhaps giving arguments to those who do not see clearly this launch in installments.

In any case, and rather than advancing the plot, seems that Agent 47 will be entertained in this rural town; I can think of few places with more deadly tools per square meter than an American farm. They are these various options, these ways to reach the goal and take care of it, we all stand out in the IO Interactive game.

If I’ve not missed anything, only remains the last episode with the Mission in Japan.

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