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The first Resident Evil Revelations come out in autumn in PS4 and Xbox One

Resident Evil Revelations is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical and digital (NA and EU) Fall 2017! More information coming soon. pic.twitter.com/RnhFbk3xvE

-Resident Evil (@RE_Games) March 13, 2017

In her unwavering quest to get to the last cent all its franchises and games, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Revelations will have a third more or less foreseeable youth: five years after release in Nintendo 3Ds and four after the HD version in the previous generation (and PC), the spinoff starring Jill Valentine will PS4 and Xbox One next fall.

Currently there is much more information in this regard or a specific date, but it is known that the game will be in physical and digital both in North America and Europe. For who not some it Revelations marks the start of a parallel saga in which Capcom explores a path similar to RE4 (the turn towards action) which marked but maintains a degree of tension and susticos, as well as offering some versatility in terms of characters: in various moments of the game were the body of Jill to control other different actors within the same plot in parallel that develops in the interior of a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. This is what felt Victor’s Revelations when it played in 3DS:

It is no less laptop delivery, nor an anecdotal game that is going to pass without penalty or glory: is a Resident Evil with all of the law, both technically and in duration (at eight major hours must add that want to take with the unlockable mode, indicated especially for those who want to play in the company). It is an outstanding game technically, remarkable in a certain percentage of its playability and more normal account in some respects that, fortunately, does not prevent us from enjoying the strange cocktail of shots and scares that Capcom has prepared for us. The sooner we realize that the idea of Resident Evil that many still keep in the drawer of nostalgia will never return because, basically, it never came into existence, before can take prejudice and surrendering to Resident Evil: Revelations and family as what they are: games without too many pretensions more than offer us a few hours of ugly bugs and handsome sustillos.

Five years later we can pull the most crazy and shameless rebels and say that, fortunately, Victor was right: the idea came out of the drawer of the nostalgia this year and, after a very beneficial process of renewal on its foundations classic, has returned. Perhaps now that we know that Resident Evil 7 has returned dignity and perhaps heading to the saga, we can enjoy with more tranquility of this type of aventurillas without pretensions. It is almost liberating.

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