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The first Workshop transdisciplinary on video games speaks of the identity [live]

Update: You can follow the lectures live here above. Below you have the time and the program full.

El primer Workshop Transdisciplinar sobre videojuegos hablará de la identidadDrawing: David Sipress for the New Yorker

Attentive to this interesting tinglado that organized our friends of Antihype: the 28 and the 29 of September is celebrates in the University Carlos III of Madrid what have come to holder as I Workshop transdisciplinary: identity and video games: the reconstruction of the subject in it was digital, a series of talks and tables round where is will speak of an issue so complex as it identity and their different forms within the video game.

Perhaps the most striking of the workshop is the word “transdisciplinary”, which in this case means that the central theme will try it people who come from different corners of the studies of video games, people from the humanities, psychology, journalism, philosophy, Visual Arts, sociology, Narratology, or sociology, with the idea that the conclusions that go out are most comprehensive and cross-cutting possible that all approaches to shuffle. There will be issues, as the player as a form of identity, video games that allow the study of the identity or the virtual identities.

Among the ladies and gentlemen who will be provided to talk and discuss about these things there are pretty, pretty people of truth which as you sound something like Víctor Manuel Martínez de AnaitGames, Ruth García de Arsgames, Josué Monchán screenwriter, Enrique Alonso de Eurogamer, Jorge González and regular contributors in our Holy House as Nus caves or Alberto Murcia.

You leave them data important and the program full if you want to approach you.

University Carlos III of Madrid
Gate of Toledo campus
Salón de Grados

Day 28-29 of September from them 10 of the morning

FREE up the seating


Wednesday 28
10:00: opening session
Ignacio Aedo Cuevas (Vice-Rector of teaching staff Universidad Carlos III)
Fernando Broncano (Universidad Carlos III)
Alberto Murcia (Universidad Carlos III)

10:30 am-11.30: miguel Sicart (University of Copenhagen)
“Games and machines: Homo Ludens in it was of the information”

12-13 h: Daniel Muriel (Salford University / University of the Basque country)
“The game as experience: escapism, empathy, and scenarios postidentitarios”

13-14 h: Jorge Gonzalez (drive of
“Videogames faggots: identity Gaymer and expressions videoludicas of the collective LGTB +”
16-17 h: Daniel Escandell (University of Salamanca / Vandal)
“The players as puppeteers: the avatarizacion in synthetic worlds”
17-18 h: Ruth García (Universidad de Castilla la Mancha / Arsgames)
“I face each other: subalternidades and video games”

Thursday 29
10.30-11.30: Antonio Planells (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
“The digital identity and universal arguments as the worlds ludoficcionales design challenge”
12-13 h: round table “videogames and identity: perspectives from the analysis of the game in the press”
NUS caves (AnaitGames/Eurogamer), Victor Manuel Martinez (AnaitGames), Enrique Alonso Soldevilla (Eurogamer)
13-14 h: Josué Monchán (writer of videogames and translator)
“Games without identity”
2 pm – closing.

Who organizes:
University Carlos III
Antihype / Ludosofia Cultural development
Ministry of economy and competitiveness

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