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The next patch of Planet Coaster brings crime and vandalism

One of the things that I liked Planet coaster was used that totally free camera that gives us the game and down the perspective of visitors to the Park. See them walk, talk, buy ice cream, wait in line, sitting on bench, collide slightly interconnected through the more crowded areas of people. In doing so one sees certain flashes that remind him or her to the vision of a real theme park with people of truth.

Was missing something, that Yes, that Frontier Developments plans to add the game on April 11 with the new free update for Planet Coaster: criminals! Thugs! Pickpockets! Sausages! With this small extra ration of realism, our park will enjoy a slightly more Mediterranean flavour.

The update will come also, obviously, with ways to combat those damned used with camera surveillance and a new kind of security personnel. The idea is not only to chase away the thieves but also the Vandals, that are generated from visitors particularly unhappy with the Park and they decide to break or damage the material of the enclosure. There will also be new attractions of various types, such as a circuit of karting, three new roller coasters and other three attractions of turns.

In the video published by Frontier looks to an old man with plate ordering to a kid in the middle of the flight that stops, something that makes it instantly without shocks with a taser or destroy the joints with a 9 mm semi-automatic.

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