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The second release of Slain! aims to correct the errors of the first

The ill-fated Slain! again try their luck a few months after its first release with a reissue, suitably subtitled Back from Hell, which corrects many of the numerous errors and imperfections that stained the first attempt.

Who already have the game should receive the new version via an update, which is “much more than a patch”: hence the new name and presenting as a relaunch.

Digerati, responsible for the publication, have acknowledged the mistakes and they have explained the reason for this new edition:

If you had wanted to cut off heads in Slain! and reign between the blood [reference to Reign in Blood, legendary Slayer disk;] NdT] Hounds of the meat giants, werewolves and other monstrosities, can that the initial release of the game, it has a little disappointed you. The prospect that Slain! the release date will pop up again, Digerati took the decision (now clearly irresponsible) launch the game as it was and patch it quickly in the weeks after. Unfortunately, problems turned out to be much deeper than we thought at the beginning, and then the original team separated, and stayed just the headliner. Code that needed to be fixed a new programmer was responsible, obviously, he had to spend some time to understand the basis of the new code to change and rewrite many lines, which lengthened the process tremendously. But everything is fixed now, and the game is what Digerati would have liked to get the first time.

That just talked about our pinjed in its analysis, commenting that there were «things that could be solved with some tweaks and updates» but noticeable as one progressed that «even the level design, the reasoning behind the puzzles or the difficulty curve is where to catch them».

All that should be solved in this new incarnation. Here you can find an extensive and detailed list of changes.

To compensate for the inconvenience, having Slain! they should have received (through the inventory of Steam, I imagine) a second copy that you can give to another person, to enjoy this celebration of Manes to the winds, bloodied axes and the imagery of the metal in the form of pixelated action game in heretical communion.

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