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These are the features of Xbox Scorpio… And possible price

Xbox Scorpio

Its characteristics are official. Microsoft has told an acquaintance middle sector technical specifications of its next console, Xbox Scorpio.Y can say that indeed, need more powerful hardware seen to date. The company already boasted that we were going to be able to get your hands to a really impressive machine capable of displaying video games with 4K resolution. And, given the facts that have been announced, it doesn’t surprise us.

Do you remember the rumors that had? We can say that they were right. For starters, Xbox Scorpio will have a GPU with 40 units of computing 1.172 MHz, along with a 12 GB GDDR5 memory. The bandwidth of the same will be 326 GB/s will include a custom eight-core CPU X 86 with a 2.3 GHz power. So will be the greatest performance in a body “Compact“. The power supply will be integrated, which means that the design has been designed so that it is effective and direct, in addition to being implemented in a minimum housing.

On the other hand, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Scorpio cooling system will be the most advanced of today, with respect to the consoles, being similar to which comprise high-end computers. The machine will operate with a 4 K resolution native way. And no, there will be no downhill frames.

In terms of the capacity of the hard disk, estimated that there is one 1 TB, implemented in a size of 2.5 inch. Of course, the reader will be compatible with 4 K and UHD BluRay discs.

Xbox Scorpio, compatible with the latest technologies

Xbox Scorpio

If you wanted that the console would be leading-edge, graphically speaking, Kevil Gamill, one of the directors of Xbox, has stated that it will provide HDR because that “4 K involves a number of very specific things“. He added that “have to offer those pixels unless the frame-rate is less than he would have in an Edition 1. 080p“. This aspect has been considered by the company as of very important.

With respect to the sound, the own Gamill has pronounced arguing that “the spatial audio also makes the experience to win in immersion“. Ultimately, equipped audio devices are the best that have been found, in addition to having an outstanding quality.

Mention that Xbox Scorpio is 31% faster than Xbox One. This is, according to the company, “a great achievement for us and for developers“. In fact, the promise was able offer video games currently operating in a range Ultra PC, but maintaining a maximum of 88% of the use of the GPU. We will see the results soon.

The price, about $700

Xbox Scorpio

Many wondered if such power as mentioned also would cost little. In this aspect, we have bad news. Lewis Ward, an expert in economy of IDC, said that according to their calculations, “the basic Xbox Scorpio hardware will cost approximately $ 650“. In any case, should take into account that Microsoft should have a certain margin of profit, finally putting the cost of the console at a minimum of $ 700.

The final price of the console only answer Microsoft knows it, for what we will have to wait until the company makes its decision in this regard. That Yes, a cost of $700 is especially high for most users. Will they be willing to pay that amount for the most powerful console on the market?

Microsoft has made an official presentation of Xbox Scorpio, confirming its final characteristics, while leaving out other information. Of course, we recommend you keep an eye on the next few weeks, when the company follow announcing news.

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