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Titanfall 2 multiplayer may be tested for free this weekend

From 2 to 4 December, Titanfall 2 multiplayer modes can try for free and unlimited on all three platforms, Xbox One, PS4 and PC, in which the game has been published. Access EA and Origin Access subscribers may start a little earlier: today, 30 November, already can begin to test the shooter from Respawn.

During these days of testing will be «all features» multiplayer access, «including all maps, modes, weapons and much more, as well as brand new DLC content most sought of Angel City December 3»; This DLC, remember, adds, among other things, a «remastered version of one of the favourite maps of the fans of the original Titanfall», and will be available today for those who reserved the game.

It is an action that surely intends to give a boost to sales of Titanfall 2, apparently disappointing despite being published, this time Yes, also in PS4 (remember that the original was only released on Xbox and PC). There is a part of exaggeration, as I know, reports reaching us about how it is working in shops; Despite the concerns of the Community (quite carefully, in this case: free expansions plan has more weight than micropayments, not welcome but less aggressive than in other cases), it seems that EA is ‘committed to the series’, as stated in a recent interview. It must be frustrating to see that there is always a bitter side: the applause of critics have the side improved sales; the Community United thanks to the free DLC has beside a few micropayments that removed credibility to the slogans used to promote the game; EA support contrasts with the attitude of Vince Zampella, head of Respawn, which responded to the commitment with a rare ‘whatever the fuck that means’ read in an interview of this type.

Peter Moore, on the other hand, sees Titanfall 2 as a long seller. «A thing we do incredibly well is to take a big title like this and move it for many years “, said in an interview. “We will sell Titanfall 2 globally for many, many years.”

You can read our analysis of the game, in which Pep explains why «lyou greatest hits Titanfall 2 (…)» they are a legacy of the original,”and why” how brilliant this sequel is his way of doing so obvious;» with a more generous structure, a more entertaining presentation and a more exposed design, becomes a more coherent, fun and addictive product»

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