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Trailer for Episode Gladiolus, the first expansion of Final Fantasy XV

Direct the Pax – which in addition to a wardrobe from IKEA is a videojuerguista – comes the trailer for Episode Gladiolus, the additional chapter for Final Fantasy XV starring the colleague has of swordfish.

As everyone assumed, here we control to Gladio during that moment which is separated from the group to train on their own. We see now that she asks Council to Cor, who proposes the original challenge of upload to a bug in the depths of a cave. It seems that the action will have more weight in the skin of the bodyguard of Noctis, that at one point of the video distributed tow with a fucking column; they have also put a blessed multiplier, so we should have a new mechanics more or less related to the combo.

episode Gladiolus will be available on March 28, as part of a season pass that by 25 sweet potatoes brings others two episodes – the Ignis and the Prompto – and a move with cooperative. Whether they be published another version of the game when they have done all that. It would be a good excuse to finally remove it for PC; I have added the tag to that platform because I don’t know try who trick already.

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