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TumbleSeed sale on May 2 in Switch, PS4 and PC

aeiowu has released a new trailer that announced the release date of TumbleSeed, his roguelike on a seed which scales an ever-changing mountain. Switch, PS4 and Steam will receive the game on 2 May.

In TumbleSeed we must control the inclination of a bar to bring to a seed through ‘a world procedurally generated’; In addition to Dodge obstacles should use different items to modify the powers and abilities of the seed, and thus attack enemies or defend against their attacks. Complete the “permanent death” package and the promise of being a ‘challenge’ game after starting.

Greg Wohlwend, Benedict Fritz, David Laskey, Joel Corelitz and Jenna Blazebich, accredited, make up the development team each one by his side, also in Dudeski, Ridiculous Fishing, Hohokum or The Tomorrow Children, among others.

TumbleSeed was first published in the Refinery of itch.io, where it has been available several months in advance access. It is also one of the games which was added to the catalogue of the indies of Switch before the launch of the console. At the moment there is no information about a possible release on other platforms.

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