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Twitch adds micropayments to your chat

Twitch, video relay live dedicated to video games, platform has added a new feature to your chat: the possibility of using micropayments, buy bits, which can then be used in reviews of retransmissions block to send animated emotes . This is called Cheering; in Spanish, something as well as encourage or cheer. You can see them in the gif above.

These bits are a primal force of the universe that so far remained hidden in the deeper tissues of the internet. Thanks to its team of engineers and miners, Twitch has managed to extract enough bits to, through the controlled use of Alchemy, to shape ingenious geometrical constructions in movement that can be used to send encouragement to our twitchers favorite.

The Cheering beta rolls out today!

A new way to celebrate and support streamers together.

-Twitch (@Twitch) June 27, 2016

Twitch añade micropagos a su chat

Actually, the bits are not much more than one of these fake coins that often accompany at the micropayments. To use simply type cheer followed by the number of bits that you want to consume; cheer1, for example, has resulted in a figure of pyramidal and grey, boring and very unappetizing; cheer10000 becomes a red star that melts in countless ways and reassembled with thinness, and also becomes a life carrying the penalty have disappointed all your loved ones by a comment seemingly innocent in a chat LoL.

100 bit cost 1.40 dollars (1.26 euros), but can also be purchased in massive quantities to receive a small discount: If apoquinamos 308 dollars (don’t even want to look how much is Euro), Twitch makes us a 12% discount on the 25,000 bits that we carry.

This service is still in beta and currently only is active on some channels; the list can be found here.

Grace here might be the fact that the streamers are a percentage of the bits (i.e.: money that cost, or asking for them, because as reminds us in his guide to using “bits don’t have monetary value”) used in your channel, but not all: only those who are fit and work with Twitch , although in the other channels also bits may be used (with rewards custom: some distinctive medals and little else). It is a more or less explicitly encourage the streamers to squeeze your audience in an active manner for the benefit of Twitch.

There are questions to be resolved (percentage employees are; what requirements must be met to be suitable; who gets money from the bits used in channels that do not pertecenen a collaborator), but at the moment I have no encouragement or to leave calvo to Campion to who tell me that this bit is a good idea.

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