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Ubisoft will promote the cross-play between virtual reality platforms

We are in the first steps of the reality virtual and still is all very primitive. Does not know exactly the direction in which to take this technology in our sector or other many who have been interested in it, and there are some vertices of the own game the VR has yet to consider how you want to deal with. One of them is, for example, the multiplayer: until now the immense majority of projects for VR is focus in the experience individual e hiperinmersiva of the player, but the multiplayer is something that still not has started to establish is.

Addition to it evolution must follow its course, one of them obstacles for the game online that is are finding them studies is the fragmentation: right now there are three large devices as are it PlayStation VR, the Oculus Rift and the HTC lives, and although not there are figures all comprehensive on the base of pots installed, is sensed that none of them three has it battle won to the rest already is by cost , by quality or by the platform in the works.

Ubisoft fomentarña el cross-play entre plataformas de realidad virtual

In this context, it seems that Ubisoft will be among the first to push towards a solution that will end up spreading to other projects by force: the cross-play, that is the same, throw the same game on the three platforms of VR and make that the three versions are compatible each other. Yesterday Giancarlo Varanini, head of the company’s communications, announced on the official blog of Ubisoft that were not only working on standardizing the practice but could already put some games as an example: Eagle Flight, Werewolves and Star Trek: Bridge Crew come out for three virtual reality helmets and will be playable online with everyone regardless of the device you are using each one.

In the case of Eagle Flight, that came out in October in PSVR and Oculus (the version of lives becomes the 20 of December), the update has been posted today same and to these hours already should be possible enjoy it online in cross-play. Them others two (Star Trek comes out in March and Werewolves Within the week that comes) count with this capacity from its same launch, and is presumed that Ubisoft will make it own with them games that go throwing in the future. Now just need that others want to (and can) do the same.

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