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Valkyria: Azure Revolution leaves are seen in a new video

Is very of Monday that of start it tomorrow angry, so nothing better that lend him a look to the last video of Valkyria: Azure Revolution. As already I have counted in other occasions, the game is put to the sale in Japan the 19 of January for PlayStation 4 and Vita, and will work as a prequel of them Valkyria Chronicles.

Already knew that Azure Revolution will bring changes important in the system of play, much more dump in the action that in the strategy. This is something that we can see again in the second part of the video, dedicated precisely to teach us how to work the combat and exploration. Although this time will dominate the weapons to melee and we will have to spell (why, SEGA? why?), firearms will not disappear entirely.

Unlike the first Valkyria, it seems that this time we can visit any city and explore it as in any other RPG. There precisely the problem of all is this: any RPGs we are sobrados, but the first Valkyria Chronicles was a breath of fresh air and this prequel so far seems like a step back.

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