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Wartile survives his failure at Kickstarter and comes to Steam in March

Wartile started their Kickstarter campaign of March 3, 2016 and 20 days later was interrupted by the prospect of not achieve even half of the 55,000 pounds seeking its developers. Crowdfunding funding was cancelled with the promise of rethink development and find a way to take the game forward anyway. A year later, we can say that they have fulfilled: on 17 March Wartile comes to Steam in Early Access. Now you can visit the page in the store, in fact.

And why should interest us this game of the Danes of Playwood Project ApS? Just need to see it: a real-time tactical strategy game real (with a system cooldowns that gives an interesting twist to the rhythm) as part of a very interesting visual concept, a mixture between the more or less realistic graphical beauty with its reduction to the scale of a board game. Characters modeled detail and with great animations that however have the feet attached to a plastic base and move through natural scenery of great beauty that have been divided into a grid of hexagons to delimit the movement and seem cut pieces of scale model of a real world. It is difficult to describe accurately, but it means easy watching a video.

The idea is to create a sort of majestic boards full of life and verticality with a free camera that lets us ignore this peculiarity and plunge into the grounds of the game, or zoom out the view and marvel at the result.

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