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World of Warcraft starts from zero, of way not official, this Saturday

A new server PvP not official of World of Warcraft, managed by the Elysium Project, will open this weekend. This Fresh Realm has the peculiarity of carrying the game to his version (almost) vanilla, it first; play here will be something more or less similar to play during the first time of the famous MMO, before arrived them expansions and them not few changes that a game of this type need in the twelve years that takes in active.

The server, which aims ‘to return life to the past’, will open this Saturday, at a time yet to be confirmed. Is of expect that the entry is requested, by what perhaps is difficult to access.

Elysium Project is a continuation of them servers Nostalrius, others kingdoms not official in which is could replicate the experience of play to the World of Warcraft of the years 2004 to 2006. This project, managed by volunteers and very popular (some 150,000 players is walked by there often, but in total, during his time in active, attracted to 800,000 people), was closed by Blizzard, that prohibits them servers private.

As BlizzCon passed without that official vanilla servers will be announced, Elysium Project rose Nostalrius, who in February will include the official patch 1.9, originally published in 2006. That the version PvP; PvE stayed in 1.5, and is expected this month to reach the 1.6 version, 2005. In its web is can consult the chronology provided both of the new server as of them Nostalrius resurrected.

And why not there are servers vanilla official? As first stop to resolve this doubt arcane, recommend read this text, in which is arrives to the conclusion of that «when Blizzard says that not can open servers Legacy actually is saying that not want».

The access to these servers is free and not is approved by Blizzard; the possibility that lawyers for the company are at any time for them is there, I guess.

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