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Xbox Scorpio: ESRAM, but with more memory and 4K L2 cache

Xbox Scorpio

Although the majority of details that have of Xbox Scorpio correspond to rumors and to gossip not confirmed, it true is that gradually us van arriving more data about the possible successor of Xbox One. As you know, Microsoft is not to inaugurate a new generation, but increase the potency of their consoles so they have access to new features. It is, simply, get more performance based on the current hardware.

As stated from Digital Foundry, has been access to a document distributed by Microsoft among its employees, called “Reaching 4 K and GPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices”, which is intended to provide an Guide to techniques and use of resources in Xbox Scorpio so that workers know how the machine should be used. However, the most striking of all is that they offer new technical details about the same.

One of the things that is striking is that Xbox Scorpio prescindir√° ESRAM memory, which was integrated into the own Xbox One processor. It allowed to optimize the performance of the games, so the company has recommended to continue in the face of “performance on Microsoft platforms“.

The book itself that we have mentioned also returns to confirm six teraflops GPU, i.e. 4.5 times more graphic power than the current Xbox One, as well as an greater amount of L2 cache. Specifically, four times more. Not to forget the confirmation of the presence of the so-called DCC, i.e. Delta Colour Compression, which is part of the main functions of the console GPU.

The own Microsoft has confirmed that the extra power can be used for different purposes: increasing the number of pixels on the screen, creating more realistic shadows, texture filtering, increase distance of drawn, etc. In fact, employees have claimed that they have proven a game first-party Xbox One that runs at 1080 p, getting in Scorpio known 4 K resolution. In any case, they are aware that developers will use the power in different ways.

It seems that Xbox not just Scorpio is more powerful than I thought, but that, too, the first tests that are launching show excellent results. That Yes, continue waiting for more official information.

Via | Eurogamer

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