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XCOM 2 comes to consoles on 9 September

Firaxis has announced that XCOM 2, the critically acclaimed sequel to his equally acclaimed turn-based strategy game, will have version for new consoles (current: that is already half old) generation. With this trailer above announce its release date PS4 and Xbox One: September 9.

The port is being developed by The Workshop, a Californian study “founded in 2007 by the original founders of Treyarch», as they themselves say on their website. It is not the first time that working with 2 K, the company of Firaxis: together with Gearbox developed Mr. Torgue completo Campaign of Carnage, one of the DLC for Borderlands 2.

«The incredible reception of XCOM 2 has been an honor for the team, and we know that console fans begging to be able to play the game, also,» says Jack Solomon, creative director. «How avid console gamers, excites us work with The Workshop for XCOM 2 all our fans».

They are the type of statements that one expects of a press release, of course, and they sound rather forced coming of Solomon (who once said that “when we met, when we speak, we do only on PC»), but not I who complain that by all accounts is good news: the first XCOM was formidable in the console and nothing should prevent that this was also.

It is hoped that we receive new information about the game coming, week during E3; for example, it would be interesting to know if his interest in the mods will move to consoles, as it has happened with Fallout 4.

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