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A Good Bundle is a review invaluable to for a good cause

A Good Bundle

Cent fifteen developers is have coupled to give form to to Good Bundle, a collection of games that are offered in to price reduced. The 100% of the fundraising will go for American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, two organizations especially important for the United States post-Trump.

By there van them shots, although in the page of the pack only is talk of «a handful of creators» that are sharing «their work to combat part of the ugliness of our world».

Among them games, that is offered in different sections (two dollars, eight and twenty), there are real jewels; 151 degrees give to much. Since some games already classic (Proteus, Gone Home) until some examples recent of the best development independent (Panoramical, Lieve Oma, Strawberry Cubes). Is a review interesting to a part of the catalogue of, in addition; a site in which live The Novelist or Read Only Memories and Metamorphabet or A Good Gardener.

You can find more information about each game, as well as on the bundle in itself, in this link.

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