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The third season of the The Walking Dead of Telltale reaches the 20 of December

During the last E3 already they dropped us a teaser which seemed to be explaining a certain evolution by the small and sweet Clementine, now surviving merit itself, with a view to the third season of The Walking Dead. Now know how much exactly we should expect to see this alleged progression: the third season comes on 20 December, so that we have time to arrange an afternoon in one of those holidays that we keep to happen at home without combing or Pajama and beat.

In them Game Awards the developer plans to offer us a look extended to what us will bring this new string of five chapters, but of time with the text with which accompany the date us serves to make us an idea:

When is the family all that you have… to arrive to protect it? Four years after the society was gutted to hands of the not dead, handfuls of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what price? Be can trust in them live in these new confines? As Javier, a young decided to find to the family that it was impetuous, will meet to a girl that has lived their own losses unimaginable. His name is Clementine and your destinations are United in a story in which every decision that take can be the last.

Personally this and The Wolf Among Us are those unique projects episodic of Telltale that have thought further. While is true that have demonstrated know do them things well when want, it formula that have dominated in their adventures graphic is also which les has enslaved in his own style: a format that just running out more by amount that by quality before it maddest amount of franchises television and of comics that are managing of the same form.

By the way, is knows that Telltale plans to a launch in support physical of this new season entitled to New Frontier for PS4 and Xbox One of face to end of February of 2017. The disc will include the first episode and the right to download is the rest of the season as is go publishing, a strategy commercial delirious of those that us says that perhaps the real revelation was this.

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