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A leak reveals the existence of Forza Motorsport 7 new game of the franchise?

Forza Horizon 3

We cannot deny that Forza saga has provided excellent moments players. Not for nothing, thanks to all the deliveries which have been put in place, we have had the opportunity to get your hands to an infinite number of vehicles of all types. And, of course, a lot of circuits, to each of which harder to complete. However, the franchise continues to evolve with new possibilities and surprises.

What we didn’t know is that, although the latest installment of the Forza franchise has gone on sale recently time, Turn 10 is still working on new video games, which have not yet been announced. Good, that could say to makes some hours, when is has filtered the existence of a new project.

Specifically, has been in a forum of products of ruffles of videogames where Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Fanatec, has asked it next: “what news want see in a device that give support to FM7“. We must note that Microsoft has not announced anything about a new game of the Forza franchise, by what we would be talking about a filtration.

In any case, the own Jackermeier said that working with Turn 10 is positive: “there is a new person responsible for the physical and strength of the steering wheel.” It is a flying guy“.” In fact, describes to this person as “a competitor real to level world that is familiar with the simulators of conduction of PC“.

A thing is clear: is there a new Forza in development. That Yes, we will have to wait a while until we can get the hands on the first details.

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