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Get the SuperSorteo Christmas of Patreon

El SuperSorteo navideño de Patreon

We thought that this Christmas was time to do something to be compensated once by all those drawings Patreon that for one reason or another have not had lately. It was difficult, but we have found a foolproof way that you abandon the idea of break our knees, an elaboradisima formula: rather than circumvent some games, we are going to sort a fucking lot of games. And anything else.

At the time of writing these lines are 715 souls making an effort to keep this shebang (AnaitGames and Podcast Reload) afloat and running with more stability which when we launched this campaign, so we have made ourselves up to expected gathering of games and we are going to continue to do so until the same day of the draw, which we will carry out at the beginning of January to announce the winners on the morning of Kings.

He process will be similar to the of others occasions: take the sheet of calculation that us provides Patreon with the list of Patrons that made its contribution of the day 1 to the 4 of January (them days in that activated its gateway of payment), will assign a number random to each user with a randomizador and will do it same with the list of games , so that the wiggle of the hype is doubly random. If you are interested in entering the draw, that Yes, controlled Steplessly amount your credit card expiration dates, because in the list than in the .xml that sends us Patreon aren’t rejected payments.

And now to go direct to the good mandanga: what we are going to sort.

Patrons of bronze: gifts to

El SuperSorteo navideño de Patreon

We have at least one copy of all these games for Steam:

Nuclear Throne, The Walking Dead Season 3 (season pass), Dungeon Souls, Potato Thriller, KITE, Herolike, Moustache in Hell, Stellar Tactics, Dumb Chicken 2, Zombie City Defense 2, Beeftacular, Bird of Light, Asteroids Minesweeper, Urban Pirate, Hyperspace Invaders II, Dustoff Heli Rescue, Pizza Express, Anomaly 1729, Rogue State, Zombie Party, So Much Blood, Magical Brickout, Raining Blobs, Spunk and Moxie, Acorn Assault , Cosmic Leap, Mr. Nibbles Forever, Cycle of Tyrfing, Virtual Rogue, Spheria, Mysterious Castle, Heathen Engineering completo Terran, Beyond Dimensions, Spellbind, Machine Gun Train Run, Mazement, Plantera, Curvatron, Monumental, Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness, Protoshift, Herding Dog, Super Ubie Island Remix, such Stone, Astervoid 2000, OneShot, Wincars Racer, Franchise Hockey Manager 3, Tricky Towers, Craft Keep VR, Forced Showdown, YamaYama, Forced, Killing Room , Feel the Snow, White Noise 2, Sketch such, Inkling and the DLC Euro Truck Simulator 2: live the France.

And in addition…

10 key rings from AnaitGames

El supersorteo navideño de Patreon

5 numbered copies of Mini month, the first book of AnaitGames

El supersorteo navideño de PatreonPhotos of the preliminary version, without bonding or laminating.

Patrons of silver: gift B

El SuperSorteo navideño de Patreon

All the above and these games in format physical:

Two copies of No Man’s Sky for PS4
A copy of Dead Rising 4 for Xbox One
A copy of FIFA 17 for PS3
Two copies of Yokai Watch for Nintendo 3DS
Two copies of Star Fox Zero for Wii U
Two copies of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii U HD
Two copies of Kirby: Planet Robobot for Nintendo 3DS
A copy of tropic 5 for PS4

Gold patrons:

All of the above and…

A NES Classic Mini

El SuperSorteo navideño de Patreon

With this, the total comes to the hundreds of gifts (75 codes, 13 discs, 10 key chains, 5 books and a consolita), or what is the same: in this sweepstakes you have more of one chance between seven of take something home. The mode to mancos’s Christmas giveaways.

Rules of participation

Remember how the subject and to what draws you have right according to your contribution Patreon:

Bronze patrons (from $2): draw A gift
Silver patrons (from $10): draw gift A + gift B.
Gold patrons (from $20): draw gift A + gift B + Mini NES

As you can see, there is more likely the bigger contribution, not just because you participate in more draws, but because there is usually less Patrons how much higher is the rank. The draw is automatic, you’ll not have to do anything to participate; us we will contact the winners and if in one week, we have not received a response we will repeat the draw for that gift in particular.

The process is as follows: using a randomizador will assign a random number to each pattern sheet collections Patreon gives us earlier this month. With other randomizador you will generate a number and look for which user is in the list. Eye, this is important: only will enter in draw them Patrons that already have contributed (the charge is performed during the first 72 hours of the month of January), this is, which is gave of high before the 31 of December. So try ensure you of that the data of payment are correct and that the contribution not has been “rejected”, rejected by some problem with the card or the Paypal.

Any doubt that may have, can ask us here same, in them comments, or by email at [email protected].

Much luck to all and happy holidays!

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