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A new enhancement: PS4 Slim could withstand the WiFi of 5 GHz

Playstation 4 Slim

The 5 GHz are gradually becoming a very important standard. Began to use is makes some years in the routers of connection to Internet, although is have gone extending to others devices. Them past rumors, in addition, indicate that the band could get to the next Playstation 4 Slim. Of course, this data does not has been confirmed of way official, by what have that make case of them gossip.

First, mention that the original Playstation 4 only supports the 2.4 GHz for WiFi connections, but the latest data filtered about the Slim Edition claim a breakthrough in this aspect. Specifically, the user shortman82 has posted in Twitter new photos on the menu of the console. In the same is can see a reference to the frequency WiFi from the machine, allowing select between several bands.

Playstation 4 Slim

Apart from that one should take a look at the manual, which also leaked information. Not in vain, one page refers directly to 5 GHz WiFi. Even mentions them modes WiFi b/g / / ac.

Mention that the band of them 5 GHz is being very used by them players since allows connect the consoles to the routers of a way more direct, more fast and without interference.

Remember that these data not are confirmed by Sony, by what not can be sure of if Playstation 4 Slim will include support for the WiFi of 5 GHz. In any case, we will be very attentive since the beginning of September we should learn more console.

Via | Twitter-shortman82

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