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A new trailer of Sun Pokemon and Pokemon Moon

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon, the new couple of games of the series to be released on 23 November. You have it up.

The trailer is divided into three parts: the first is a look in more depth at the new legendary Pokemon and some of his attacks, Solgaleo and Lunala, the lion and the bat; the second, a review of the new region of the game, Alola, formed by several islands; “that could be the reason why it is full of rare Pokemon,” says Professor Kukui, a bastard with pints, in the third part of the video, which shows some of the important characters in the adventure.

The thing is topped by introducing the idea of merging a Rotom and the Pokédex, a ‘new way of communicating”between Pokémon and people that don’t know much more.

This will be one of the games that will be in the Treehouse Live’s Nintendo during E3, and insurance that in those days there will be more new information about the region of Alola, new bugs and more.

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