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Nintendo details the programming of your Treehouse Live from E3

Nintendo detalla la programación de su Treehouse Live del E3

A small because armed when Nintendo announced that its presence at this E3 would be centered on the next Legend of Zelda for Wii U and NX; No new console or, seems, important announcements, so only Link was us to fill the gap until you submit your next machine, which will be released around March 2017. Although the Treehouse Live, that space in which representatives of Nintendo play to new and sometimes chat with the developers, Yes will make special emphasis on The Legend of Zelda, announced the full schedule for 14 and 15 June, and seems that yes there will be more games, finally.

On June 14 the relay begins at 18:00, peninsular Spanish time, and in addition to The Legend of Zelda also will be the first action of Sun Pokemon and Pokemon Moonpictures, upcoming deliveries of series.

On the 15th the thing will be more diverse: in addition to a session of questions and answers with Pokémon GO developers (that set of augmented reality for mobile announced in September 2015, and Junichi Masuda, one of the leaders of the main series, working as designer and musician), will be played live to Monster Hunter Generations , Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

Remains an overwhelming presence, missing titles (Paper Mario, for example; not many) and is still meeting they said initially (that Zelda would be the only thing that could play: everything else others will play it and you will see, just), but a different E3 looms. Not better; other: be the E3 that the supposed significance of the new installment of Zelda imposed a monolithic presence one perhaps more adjusted to reality, with a series of more or less dispersed games and that, Gee, are not even developed by Nintendo. Life is strange, said that game.

E3 begins on June 14, but since the final hours on the 12th we will already see press conferences and others. As of usual, you can follow it with us.

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