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A Senior Executive of Oculus, arrested for child prostitution

Un alto ejecutivo de Oculus, detenido por prostitución de menores

Dov Katz, head of computerized vision of Oculus and part of the company from 2013, It was arrested last week in Tukwila, Washington, for trying to hire the services of one child prostitute. The detention was thanks to an operation covert in which an agent of police is made pass by prostitute e exchanged some messages of text with Katz, that was of buy their services sexual promoted in an advertisement of internet.

During the conversation, the undercover agent confessed to Katz that actually age which consisted in the advertisement was not the real, and had 19 but 15 years, something that seemed not to import the employee of Oculus to continue with the transaction.

In messages incriminating has achieved Geekwire of the complaint documents speak, after clarifying the issue of age, obtaining condoms and if the young man would agree to have sex without condoms for $350. However, the Executive and israeli 38-year-old engineer resident in California, told police while he was arrested had gone to the hotel agreed with the younger prostitute to ‘rescue her and call the police’. He had over $600 in cash.

Katz will be processed starting from the 5 of January, although right now is in freedom with charges in Exchange for a bond of 125,000 dollars and it ban express of relate is with any person less of age unless is find in presence of an adult.

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