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Super Mario Run looks out the duckling in Android

Super Mario Run asoma la patita en Android

Super Mario Run has appeared in Google Play, the Android app store. Still not is available for download, but, as spent in iOS, is has open a «record prior» for those interested is point before the launch official.

A lonely asterisk coming not referred any site clearly warns that «para play is an internet connection, which can lead to a spending by your operator»; to these polemics we are already accustomed to, because of permanent connection already suffer it when it is published mid-month on Apple devices, apparently to prevent cheats. The other also us sounds: «is necessary make a purchase for access to them 6 worlds», is lee in another asterisk esoteric.

Is refers to it of the price of the game, clear: as discussed in its day, downloading the app bare have access to three levels, to 20 seconds of the quarter and to the others two modes of game of way limited. To unlock Super Mario Run, with all lyrics and all things, I have to pay 10 euros, without additional micropayments or rare stories.

Not there yet date of launch final in Android, but now that is in that Bazaar Turkish that is Google Play is question of time that is can download. We’ll talk more about Super Mario Run for now, leave a video with the level which, personally, more cost me finish: 4-1 with black coins.

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