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Agents of Mayhem is what’s new in Volition

Through IGN First, volition and Deep Silver have presented the new proposal for makers of Saints Row. His new play is called Agents of Mayhem and published in 2017 on platforms to be determined; I doubt that I made a mistake to suppose that it will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but for now they have not said anything.

Not from the American media comes much information, which in principle will be releasing little by little throughout the month. They say that “in some respects, Agents of Mayhem is exactly what one would expect from these veterans of the open world action, but in many others certainly isn’t”. And we were, of course, because go fabric.

Much better the draw conclusions precipitated from that first promotional cinematic: seems that humor will remain relatively important here, though tone is rude hands sensed and is visually nice – hopefully know maintain that touch of cartoons, which could be midway between the typical cell shaded and fashion cartoon of Overwatch and others. Moreover, and turning to the design, I’ve thought of things like The Division or Borderlands; What a surprise, then, to read that the experience will be exclusively for a player despite going p’ above and p’ down with three agents from the squad.

Or Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV managed to engage me beyond initial jokes, but I will be attentive to what are saying and showing of Agents of Mayhem; for Red Faction: Guerrilla yes I owe one.

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