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Horizon Zero Dawn will be published March 1, 2017

Sony has announced the release date of Horizon Zero Dawn, the new game from Guerrilla Games. It will be March 1, 2017, somewhat later than expected.

“It wasn’t a decision easy to take; We know that many of you are eager to play the game since we announced it. However, we also want to ensure that Horizon Zero Dawn is at the height of the graphic quality and playable that our games are known. The new date provides us the time needed to fully achieve our ambitious vision of Horizon Zero Dawn», he explains.

A week of E3, I imagine that it is a way as any other of go removing studs to his press conference, broadcast live and very talked-about. It is a risky maneuver: even though you save a jerk of ears in the great time of the year media, das the debaters and polemicists with a very recent example to remove credibility to windows launch of what it announced in its presentation. A solution, from the side of the fan, can be automatically add a year which is said at the Conference. Thus, such news affected less one; and if turns out that just leaving the year that was said, that little joy over that we get.

At any rate, sure that this we see something more during the E3, which starts a little earlier than usual, this Sunday (with the EA Conference), and ends on June 16.

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