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Alice: Madness Returns disappears from Steam


The game Alice: Madness Returns has been removed from Steam and by the prospect of the last days, gives the impression that it will be somewhat indefinite.

There are not too many details about his departure out of the coffers of Steam and, if you’re accustomed to the digital platform, you know, they are very few video games that completely eliminate.

However, it seems that on this occasion is not inappropriate content or problems with performance, but also a question of Spicy Horse-related rights, study recently closed, and EA. As a result of the closure, all the rights them has EA and, of now in forward, any action related with the franchise Alice will be in hands of them.

The own American McGee has announced it on his personal twitter account, as a result of a user who asked him if Alice: Madness Returns back to the Steam store. In addition, web site Yxdown has made public the official note that Spicy Horse announces his farewell and which you warn that the Alice saga no longer belongs to.

The service of Steam, under the demands of users, has responded:

“We have been working with EA to solve the problems you have had with ‘ Alice: Madness Returns”. Unfortunately, we need more time to solve the problem.
The game will be available again in the near future, and we encourage you to buy it again as soon as we have found a solution.

If you already poseíais the game on Steam, do not worry: you can continue playing on the platform. However, for the moment, we can only Origin, where it is still available, if you want to enjoy this adventure.

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