Friday , July 19 2024
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Fallout jumps the boards with your own Wargaming


It seems that the Fallout saga will be the next to jump from the world of the video game of the Board Games. On this occasion, the post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda bet on the wargame format to tables around the world. By the time the details about this project are …

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Final Fantasy XV hides a nod to Final Fantasy VII


When you think of the fans, it is quite noticeable. Square-Enix has left a little love note to all fans of the most popular adventure from Squaresoft, Final Fantasy VII on the new title of the franchise, Final Fantasy XV. Recently, were allowed to some newspaper industry sample Noctis and …

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Wild Gal trailer * Gun: Double Peace for Steam


GAL * Gun: Double Peace was an exclusive consoles from Sony, Playstation 4 and PSVita, somewhat spicy compared with most titles coming to Western waters, easily malinterpretables scenes and an argument that approaches dangerously to the ground of the sexual. However, Gal * Gun: Double Peace has left of be …

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Square-Enix Announces blu-ray of NieR Music Concert


NieR: controller is one of those video games that more hope, and that more regret that is has gone delaying with the passage of the months. With amazing gameplay and a graphic style that combines Japanese aesthetics with elements of steampunk horror, NieR: Automat promises to be of those titles …

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Alice: Madness Returns disappears from Steam


The game Alice: Madness Returns has been removed from Steam and by the prospect of the last days, gives the impression that it will be somewhat indefinite. There are not too many details about his departure out of the coffers of Steam and, if you’re accustomed to the digital platform, …

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The Witness now has its own “demake”


The demakes are small jewels of the videogame world that fundamentally transform current titles in 8-bit versions or similar of those same games. A creative form that allows us to imagine how a game had that been if progress had stopped, and we could only count on 8-bit machines. The …

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