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APB Reloaded has returned, this time for Xbox One

APB Reloaded

On All Points Bulletin we have long not to mention. Specifically, five years. Time that has happened in the project. Not worry about his apparent death, since in fact the video game has been evolving in different ways and on different platforms. It is true that the title was originally called APB: All Points Bulletin, but now you have to look for it under another name: APB Reloaded.

If still you have not missed you glove, we have good news: it is available for Xbox One. The project is published in the bazaar of the console like a video game free-to-play with micro transactions that range from five dollars to 100. Yes, they could be defined in certain cases as excessive, but the truth is that there is still forward, with more or less regular news.

The key ideas of APB: Reloaded are the same as we saw in his day, but the project is now playable on the console of Microsoft to the present generation. In fact, you can take the glove to the same characteristics. Of course, expected Reloaded Productions, current responsible for the development, launch new updates that add functions and contents.

If you want to get your hands to APB Reloaded, is available at the Xbox Store for free with micro transactions. Remember that soon it will also be available for Playstation 4.

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