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Ruiner, overhead action return Digital hand cyberpunk


Ruiner was presented at the end of April and frankly, had no idea of its existence. An error that I will try to remedy with this entry is that the title has a very good pint.

The game is set in a dystopian future with strong references to the ideological and artistic current of cyberpunk. Ruiner takes elements of Ghost in the Shell in that amalgam of forms and also includes elements of Hotline Miami in the gameplay. Homegrown, I would say that I see even aspects of Judge Dredd.

Ruiner is a Canyon in the gameplay and technically also draws attention. Check it you through the following trailer and a video with 35 minutes of gameplay from the PAX:

By flexibility playable, note that also have been set in good make Housemarque with their action games.

Don’t miss you view!

Via | Polygon | Web Ruiner

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