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Atlus confirms that Yakuza only 0 and 5 person will come out on PlayStation 3 and 4

Person 5 platforms: PS3, PS4.
Yakuza 0 platforms: PS4.


Do not Switch. Not PC. Idk about the box label, that’s a Sony thing.

-John Hardin (@JohnLHardin) January 3, 2017

Another day, Sony published a video in which it reviewed some exclusive PlayStation 4 releases that are coming in 2017. You were any other confusion: between exclusive total, partial, temporary and spatial, sometimes is not easy to follow the reasoning that leads to responsible for every title to stamp this or that sticker on the box label. Here the same happened: wrote Pep which seemed to him «rare also as of console exclusive for 5 person, considering that the game will be available for PS3 and PS4».

Such has been the confusion that John Hardin, relations public of Atlus in United States, has confirmed on Twitter the platforms in that will be both person 5 as the imminent Yakuza 0. The thing is as we knew:

Platforms of person 5: PS3, PS4.

Platforms of Yakuza 0: PS4.


Anything to Switch. Nothing of PC. No idea about the label on the box, that is a thing of Sony.

As simple as that. I guess there are things so simple that it is inevitable to see most of what there is, but this does not have too much science, at the end; «to bet, I think that she has been made a mess in the case of person», completed Pep. Did not know I; cocoa with Yakuza 0 Hardin refers to NeoGAF thread on this topic as a «bunch of garbage burning», so I guess this is what happens when you have internet all full of dried weeds.

Recall that 0 Yakuza is here to the next (published on 24 January; Hardin said that early reviews should appear the 19), and person 5 due out April 4, when it became necessary to delay its original European launch, planned for February 14.

Oh, and because I don’t believe in stupid things like review however embargoes, Yakuza 0 reviews should start hitting on Jan. 19th at 9 am PT

-John Hardin (@JohnLHardin) January 3, 2017

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