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Rhianna Pratchett leaves his place as screenwriter of Tomb Raider

CrystalD & @Rhipratchett are announcing that Rhianna is off to pursue new adventures apart from Tomb Raider. The entire team thanks her!

-Tomb Raider (@tombraider) January 3, 2017

Writer Rhianna Pratchett is not responsible for the script of the next Tomb Raider, according to Crystal Dynamics has announced through the official series Twitter account. Pratchett has confirmed it in his personal account; It is unknown who will take up his post on future deliveries.

The brief statement explains that Pratchett «goes in search of new adventures outside of the Tomb Raider franchise», and celebrates the role of the writer in the two games which resumed the adventures of Lara Croft: «Rhianna was instrumental in helping us to find the voice of Lara in the history of its origins in 2013 «, and throughout Rise of the Tomb Raider helped mold Lara into heroin in evolution that we know today», say.

«The entire team thanks Rhianna their dedication and tireless efforts in games», end up.

Crystal Dynamics has announced collaboration with Pratchett in 2012. The intention then was to provide “greater depth and credibility Lara, a heroine who connect really with the players of today», a challenge that she accepted gladly, but being aware of the challenge posed by «rewrite its history».

Pratchett, on their own, recognizes that «it likes to think we did some good things”with Tomb Raider, to the point of «change the landscape of the game a little». He also thanked the “tremendous” community of followers of the series, which «constantly help me remember why I do this work».

So, I’m packing up my climbing axe plus a little venison jerky for the road, and bidding a fond farewell to Lara. Onwards to new adventures!

-Rhianna Pratchett (@rhipratchett) January 3, 2017

He has not spoken about what are the “new adventures” which Pratchett will face in the future. In addition to his work in comics and video games (another game written by her, the infamous Overlord was also published in 2015: Fellowship of Evil), Pratchett is, as he was said by the end of 2016, involved in The Watch, a series based on Discworld , focused in the guard of the city of Ankh-Morpork, which has been in production since 2011 and which is not yet known much.

On them new Tomb Raider and its tribulations published an article, Lara Croft and the search of the identity, in which Liberance spoke on what worked and what not in these new stories with which Crystal Dynamics tries to give something of volume to a character that during a time not wanted to be much more than an avatar vacuum that personificara the spirit of adventure that chased them first games of late of them 90.

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