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Balrog will accompany Ibuki in the next Street Fighter V update

The Capcom with their last fight game is still a cachondeito. Nothing leaves or arrives as scheduled in Street Fighter V, although this time are not bad news: turns out that Balrog, the legendary boxer from Las Vegas, will be available from next Friday. Both he and Ibuki, which added to the roster of wrestlers on the same day, they may be used in the EVO 2016; You must practice quickly, because the tournament starts July 15.

Balrog has also, of course, the typical trailer that has been presenting each fighter. I like the design of the character, despite that incredibly simple-minded Critical Art, and it seems that his style remains more or less always. Well by their fans, sure that are out there, somewhere. I’m interested in Urien and Juri, that show at the end of the video and not painted anything, nothing, nothing wrong.

Remember that this update – formerly called ‘of June’; Finally will not be so for a day – also added the story mode of Street Fighter V and the possibility of buying characters, settings and costumes with real money. Also, they say from Capcom, be implemented several improvements in the matchmaking. For more forward are the daily challenges, which should be the main source of Fight Money; I am afraid that many have just us savings ingame and so have decided to release already Ibuki and Balrog to the temptation to go for the portfolio is greater.

About changes to fix it from the rage quit remain unsaid or peep. I am afraid that it will be the big news of the month: there will be only needed, in this case, half a year.

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