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Paint Your Way begins the crowdfunding


The Group of developers Eri Studio they just start the Paint Your Way financing period, through the Kickstarterwebsite.

With the popular system of crowdfunding, proposed this project, a game of puzzle that uses colors as a system to solve the puzzles. The intention will be touring the different scenarios, facing the difficult challenges that we find, to try to find out what we are, where we are and how we got to this place.

The answer to these questions, as proposed by the developers, we find out it following the use of colors, and learning to understand its complicated mechanisms. So you can see in the video shown by Eri Studio, we can not only manipulate colors, but also objects, because we have seen that our character will be able to move them. In addition to this, it will be open-world.

This novel and interesting point of departure for a puzzle game is open to anyone who wants to help, both on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

Paint Your Way will be publishing for PC, in principle. If the plan is successful and wins the game, they plan to release it for other consoles such as Wii U, Xbox One or Playstation 4 , and have even thought to make a version for the Mac platform.

If you are passionate about the complicated puzzles, or If you like games like The Talos Principle, The Witness or MIND: Path to Thalamus, you’ll find a good experience in Paint Your Way.

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