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Bandai Namco presents Orchestral Memories

Bandai Namco Orchestral Memories

Bandai Namco presents Orchestral Memories, a huge Symphony Orchestra which will perform themes from the most important video games under the seal of the company.

Any lover of the soundtracks in games should go, at least once, to a concert live such. There is no greater pleasure than listening these melodies once you did dream of being touched by the hands of the best musicians on the scene.

Such games as Tekken, Dark Souls, Of, God Eater, Ace Combat, among others, have appointments with the audience to delight you with the very best in a matter of soundtracks. On this occasion, 80 musicians are the absolute protagonists of Orchestral Memories.

This concert will be active from February 4, 2017, in Paris. That same day, Go Shiina, famous composer of franchises like God Eater, such, or deliveries Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6, will be available for sessions of signatures.

If you had never seen a concert, even over the internet, you can enjoy the following trailer for a greater approach to Orchestral Memories.

If you are interested, you can buy your ticket from July 2 to 12, in Wild Faery.

Via | Bandai Namco Entertainment

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