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Dragon completo Crown disappears from the PSN Store after the separation of Atlus and NIS America

Dragon's Crown desaparece de la Store de PSN tras la separación de Atlus y NIS America

Dragon completo Dogma has been affected by the relationship between NIS America and Atlus cut first: the game from Vanillaware for PS3 and Vita has disappeared from the PlayStation Store.

Although it is not clear when it was retired, we read in Polygon was a user of Reddit which realized as a result of a blog entry from PlayStation dedicated to a summer sales in Japanese video games. Dragon completo Crown was one of the discounted games; to follow the link, the redditor realized that didn’t get anywhere. Although the entrance is from June 29, maybe that game was withdrawn before.

The good news: If you already have the game, you can go back to get it from the downloads list even though it does not appear in the store. (It’s just what I did yesterday evening, between cold sweats and seeing my life entire pass in front of my eyes, as soon as I learned of his disappearance).

Initially, NIS America spoke of expired licenses when he wanted to give an explanation. It seems that this is not the case: according to a second statement released by the company, is due to a mutual agreement between them and Atlus specifically affecting this game:

With respect to our previous statements about Dragon completo Crown on the European PSN, we must extend our deepest apologies to Atlus and European fans for the incorrect information about its withdrawal from that store.

The withdrawal of Dragon completo Crown of the European PSN was part of mutual agreement of Atlus and NIS America for this title. We are pleased to announce that Dragon completo Dogma will be available in Europe directly from the hand of Atlus on PSN.

Atlus has not given an exact return date yet.

It is not clear if other games will be affected by such agreements. Other games that came here thanks to the collaboration between Atlus and NIS America still available; for example, person 4 Golden, which, by the way, is 6 euros in the Store.

NIS America announced the end of the distribution of Atlus games in Europe in April this year, after many years of working together. He said then CEO of NIS, the relationship was complicated when Sega to buy Atlus, reason why it decided to cut its relationship. «Atlus has become very fussy about your partner for European publication following the purchase of Sega», he explained. It is possible that Atlus is responsible for the distribution of their upcoming releases.

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