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Blizzard publishes a trailer on the patch of anniversary of Diablo III

The patch of anniversary of Diablo III is to the fall; It should be made public sometime this week, following the strict schedule of Blizzard, so toca do some promotion. That is the video you have above, where some of those responsible for the game explain what you can expect from this patch.

Not uncommon to wait this version 2.4.3 with more enthusiasm than others: thanks to her, within Diablo III will be shown a portal to the old Tristram which allows access to an updated version of the original game, with its sixteen levels and their four heads. Although for all purposes, it remains a Diablo III, various filters have been applied to the image and sound for a more vintage look; not only but that, for example, the sound effects are repeated more to imitate the limitations of late 90’s, when he was published the first devil.

This curious remake was announced in the BlizzCon that is held in November of 2016, and in this trailer is you can put face to some things that already knew of then: the movement limited to eight directions or the animations deliberately rough, for example. In the case of the Butcher (butcher new generations), for example, created a new simpler instead of using model which already exists in Diablo III.

Also knew it of the limitation temporary: this area of anniversary not is added of form perpetual to the game, but will be available during the month of January and then will disappear, as that all them good purposes with which started the year. Thus, in February we will be as usual: Moody, smoking more and playing the same Diablo III always.

Later, that Yes («along 2017», says Blizzard), throwing a few coins into the well will be able to buy the necromancer, the new character that was announced at BlizzCon. Besides the own snowman, this «pack wake of the necromancer» will include “a mascot for the game, two boxes of character, two tabs of the alijo additional (in PC), a frame of portrait, a coat of arms, a banner and a stealth».

One of their skills is to make the corpses to explode. Is nice because I remember to certain character Nuclear Throne.

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