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BulkyPix is declared in bankruptcy


The company French BulkyPix, known by have developed Pix’n Love Rush and by having distributed a good lot of games especially for mobile and PC, is declared in bankruptcy in August and currently is in liquidation. He has been established within two to four months (on the basis of whether partners are French or foreign) to try to recover the material or the money that is in the hands of BulkyPix.

Is a situation difficult with one side dark. The company is declared insolvent in March of this year, but continued operating with relative normality while was looking for a buyer. Not had success, and in August (the last activity of its features of Twitter is of the 21 of July) came in bankruptcy; the problem is that some of those developers and companies with which worked not were advised of this circumstance.

On Reddit, the developer andiCR explains that has tried “contact with our distributor, BulkyPix, but have received a lot of emails bounced (except of the mail of the CEO of BulkyPix).» I decided to find the company on Google and was declared bankrupt in August. Or a message to developers or anything. Is there anyone in the same situation? Is there any way to claim your app and republicarla both in Google Play as in Apple’s App Store?»

In the same thread of Reddit, a member of Secret Character Team (the Studio behind Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki, a game published by BulkyPix) ensures that itself received a mail e relative to the bankruptcy, in June of this year; However, not have received any payment on their game since their publication, in October of 2015.

«After that», explains, “you asked about the cancellation of the contract and the recovery of our game.» I was told that by the laws of France I can not plead breach of contract only by this bankruptcy. «Although in the contract is says that the agreement can be cancelled of way immediate if the other part is declared in bankruptcy».

The part of the contract to which is referred is the following, according to exposes andiCR:

This agreement may be cancelled immediately by any party prior notice in writing to the other party in the event that:


(b) the other party is declared bankrupt or file a voluntary petition of bankruptcy or similar legislation for the relief of debtors, or do a deed of transfer for the benefit of its creditors, or if any process of dissolution or liquidation (except for the liquidation or dissolution voluntary on the occasion of a merger or reconstruction)…

Another developer explains that, in his case, already have a game distributed by BulkyPix in Google Play and the App Store, but also have pending the release of its version for PC, scheduled for the 22 of September. “Yet we have not decided if we will delay the game or not» davidc02 explains,”but it is a strong possibility considering that we must make sure to have the rights to publish it.”

The website of the company is inactive, as well as their e-mail addresses, and has not issued any public statement on his situation.

In TouchArcade are running to this form, that is which them developers must complete and submit before the 18 of October or of the 18 of December (two and four months after the date in that BulkyPix is declared in bankruptcy, depending on if the developer is French or foreign). The irregularity in the communication with its partners makes ugly the process, of course; perhaps even can be determinant in the event that some partner not is aware of the bankruptcy and not can get to claim their active and your money before the term.

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